Our Story

About us

30 years of experience in the music and technology industries has resulted in a call to be better.

XRJ’s vision has been brought to life by people who care about designing facilities, products and lifestyles that allow us to grow individually, as well as communally and economically. It is our belief that by giving people what they need to adapt to the modern and quickly-approaching future worlds, we will be prepared to make ethical and impactful decisions that change the course of history, and thus prosper. 


The Solution

Through encouraging curiosity and cross-disciplinary studies we create balance and enrichment in our community, and ultimately the economy. As technology evolves into a hyper-advanced state, this will ensure the success of individual people and the communities they reside and contribute in. 

Humans have designed amazingly sophisticated things, why shouldn’t one of them be your neighborhood?

Our Mission and Core Values

We have designed XRJ to encourage and reward curiosity, individuality, and creative problem solving. Our days are filled with the thrills of finding solutions to complex problems and creating new and better realities while helping people achieve their goals. We appreciate everyone from artists to astronauts, and aim to provide them a good foundation with access to resources that improve their careers. 


STEAM Learning is the Future of Education

Music, math and art, especially in children, have been proven to improve and even augment brains – this is something we pay attention to. Humans love to dance, tell stories, create, ask deep questions, ponder the nature of the world around us, solve problems, and so much more. We aren’t computers, despite the fact that we make them. In other words, being human is complex.  There are many amazing, beautiful things in our existence that make life rich with joy and inspiration, and we need to experience them. Our brains evolved with music, language, cooking, art, dance, and story telling. While we have found in ourselves in a new era with the arrival of exciting tools that have made great change and catalyze our evolution, it is important to remember where we come from. Not only to keep the essence of humanity alive, but to maintain balance and blend the scientific and creative processes. 

Hands-on learning better engages both sides of the brain.

Learning by doing creates new connections in the brain and also cultivates an ability to teach one's self.

A Blended Approach of Individual and Team Projects

Being comfortable relying on your own creativity and working in a group-think will help you successfully adapt to your needs and goals.

Multi-Disciplinary Course Programming

The coolest, most clever creations come from holistic design.

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